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Been a Long Time But ...

Well, well, well. It's certainly been a long time since I've written on this blog. First things first: Happy Days Are Here Again! The Orange Monster has finally been dethroned from his reign of terror.  I also started reviewing again. Here is my review for New York CIty Center's Virtual Fall for Dance:  New York City Ballet ballerinas Tiler Peck, Ashley Bouder and Brittany Pollack performed the three female solos from Balanchine’s  Who Cares?  Tiler Peck’s  Fascinatin’ Rhythm  solo was worth the price of admission, her trademark speed, daring, musicality and ability to play with the music and steps was a joy to watch. Ashley Bouder and Brittany Pollack didn’t quite match Peck’s brilliance but it was still a joy to see the fast footwork of NYCB ballerinas on display.  I also reviewed NYCB's week of original choreography. Review is here : The last ballet, Justin Peck’s  Thank You, New York , has the most chance of staying in the repertoire. It’s set to Chris Thile’s so