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Caroline, and Change and the Prestige Musical

Sharon D. Clarke and Adam Makke, photo @ Sara Krulwich Last night my friend and I caught a performance of Roundabout Theater's universally praised revival of Caroline, or Change . The reviews were so glowing that my expectations were high as I settled into my seat. About two and a half hours later, I left having not enjoyed a second of the musical. There was plenty to praise -- the cast (especially Sharon D. Clarke as Caroline) was amazing --all of them could act AND sing their faces off.  Adam Makke (the Noah last night) was wonderful -- he was never just  "cute". The score by Jeanine Tesori was an eclectic blend of 1960s Motown sound, Jewish folk music, and good old-fashioned Broadway belting. It grows on you as the night goes on. "Lot's Wife" is one of the best musical theater 11-o-clock numbers. Full stop. The show cleverly makes household appliances like the washing machine and the dryer into a Greek chorus of sorts. Yet the musical felt more like a pre

NY Diaries: Die Meistersinger, Trouble in Mind, Lackawanna Blues

Die Meistersinger, photo @ Richard Termine Last week for whatever reason, I attended three stimulating performances around town, and all were unplanned, on-the-fly things. A friend invited me to Ruben Santiago's one-man play Lackawanna Blues. I picked up a cheap ticket to Trouble in Mind on TDF. And then on Sunday I picked up a $25 rush ticket to Die Meistersinger . All ended up being great experiences. First things first: Die Meistersinger and Lackawanna Blues have a very limited number of performances. Lackawanna Blues closes this week, Die Meistersinger only has two more performances at the Met. Both are well worth seeing.