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La Traviata

La Traviata Metropolitan Opera April 14, 2012 (matinee)

Paul Taylor's Sick and Twisted Mind

Yesterday I saw possibly the most disturbing, creepy dance I have ever seen in my life. It was Paul Taylor's Big Bertha . I can't really describe it except to say it starts as an amusement park spectacle, with this tinkly amusement park music and a seemingly normal family dancing onstage. There is a mechanical doll named Big Bertha and the family innocently stops at the doll. But soon the doll (played by Amy Young) starts commanding them to darker and darker actions, and it climaxes in the father (Michael Trusnovec) raping the daughter (Eran Bugge). The mother (Michelle Fleet) starts doing a frantic striptease for Big Bertha, who still is not satisfied. Big Bertha is not satisfied, in fact, until the whole family is sprawled onstage, lifeless. At the end of the performance, a slight, unassuming man came onstage to take a curtain call with the dancers. Paul Taylor still looks handsome, and one could hardly believe the guy with the shy smile is capable of such a sick, twis


Massenet - Manon Metropolitan Opera March 31, 2012