Best and Worst of 2011

In no particular order ...

1. Best twitter account:!/hilherbert
I'm proud to say I went to high school with this girl. She's in LA living it up, and her twitter is the one feed that never fails to make me laugh. Her ups and downs are all documented in a fashion that's absolutely hysterical and endearing. She doesn't try to be funny -- she is funny.

2. Best non-arts related blog:
My friend's hilariously snarky commentary about reality TV shows. I was so happy to hear that he'd gotten death threats from one of the contestants on X-Factor. He's made it to the big time!

3. Best overplayed single:
Every once in awhile an overplayed radio single deserves all the praise it gets. Adele's "Someone Like You" is that single. Listen to it and think about all the times your heart's been broken, and cry.

4. Worst over-played single:
Lady Gaga's worst track on her album Edge of Glory somehow becomes a single and a staple on the radio. I love Gaga, but "You and I" is a crappy song and I just wish it would go away.

5. Best arts-related trend:
HD transmissions of ballet. The Bolshoi Ballet and Royal Ballet do it the most, but even the New York City Ballet has gotten in on the trend. Let's hope this trend only continues in the future.

6. Worst arts-related trend:
Steep ticket price raises across the board. When times are tough and unemployment is high, it hurts to have to cut back on attending performances but there are times when I literally can't afford to go. The NYCB is perhaps the worst offender -- it closed off the historically cheap Fourth Ring for most performances, and jacked up prices in its other three rings.

7. Best Republican debate moment/brain-fart:
No explanation needed.

8. Worst Republican debate moment:

9. Favorite picture:
Myself and the adorable ballet-dancer Vladimir Shklyarov. Need I say more?

10. Most bizarre "personal growth" moment:
The fact that for awhile in 2011, I seriously considered becoming a nun. Never mind the fact that I'm not Roman Catholic. Or even religious. For awhile taking those vows sounded pretty good to me.


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