Nutcracker on PBS

I love the Nutcracker so much that I think everyone else should too. So I cajoled my friend into giving the Live from Lincoln Center Nutcracker a chance. (Great show, by the way, although I found Megan Fairchild disappointing as the SPF. Ashley Bouder was predictably spectacular as the Dewdrop).

My friend is not a ballet person, to put it mildly. After about 15 minutes, this is the text message I receive:

"Are you f...king kidding me?!?! 5 minutes! That's all I could see from that show. It's just too much for me. Sorry. Those people dancing and the kids bothering everyone, and the music, NOOOO!!! I just can't."

Me: "What about it was soooooooo bad? There are beautiful dancing snowflakes coming up though."

My friend: "Everything."

LOL. I guess Nut-nuts can't win over everyone.


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