I reviewed last night's performance of Aida at Parterre Box. A snip:
At the first intermission at last night’s Met revival of Aida, I turned to my companion and said, “So… what about the Aida? I thought she was supposed to be good.” 


  1. Hah! Another terrific review. What a delight you are to read,Ivy. My last Met Aida was 2 seasons ago when Latonia Moore made a dazzling and spectacular substitute debut which brought back memories of L. Price and Arroyo. Too bad about Giordani. A few yrs. back, he sang the best live Calaf I'd heard since Corelli

    1. I missed the Moore Aida, and now that she's pregnant, looks like I'll have to wait a couple more years to hear it :(

  2. Yeah,I had tix this winter for Moore's Aida but when she cancelled, I exchanged them for another opera. As for last night, the horses shaking their heads and neighing was a polite criticism. Fortunately, they didn't make their displeasure known in a much more pungent manner!


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