The FAB-ulous Boheme!

Omg omg omg. This will be brief since I have to write the Parterre Box review. But tonight I saw the unexpected (but totally FAB-ulous) role debut of Michael Fabiano as Rodolfo at the Met, as well as the return of grand diva Angela Gheorghiu. It really was one of those amazing nights and I did one of my rare stage door groupie trips. Amazing cast, amazing performance.

Update: my review for parterre box.

What a diva, just ignore the tiny face next to her. Seriously, Angela is as larger-than-life offstage as she is onstage. She was traveling with an entourage of like 20 people and enough flowers to fill a wedding. Notice the fabulous matching gloves and the completely new stage makeup.

Stage door people were calling him Mr. Fabulous. I think this name will stick. Personally, I warned him that I'm turning into a groupie. Be afraid. Be very afraid.

 The very nice, handsome David Bizic, who is one of those people who is 1000x cuter offstage than onstage. And his beautiful wife is as beautiful as ever. 

Susanna Phillips, and yes, she's as adorable and charming as she looks in this photo. 

Matthew Rose, who is about 7 feet tall, so this photo is all optical illusion. But seriously, great voice.


  1. We were at this performance and it was all you said it was. I had a little trouble hearing Angela some times, but her soft voice made people quietly listen. It was a "Demented" night for sure! Loved MF!

  2. Another beautifully written review Ivy! I was at this performance and it was indeed a triumph for Fabiano. My only caveat is that,at times, his voice was a bit too heroic for Rodolfo. Sometimes, I missed some of the poetic vulnerability that the role needs but what a voice and presence. AG was inaudible at times but sang with her usual heart felt sensitivity and emotional output-great death scene. She lacked the soaring power that I heard the last time I saw her a few yrs. back in La Rondine but her voice is still warm and her tone beautiful.I"ve never heard a longer drawn out "addio,senza rancor"-beautiful and it seemed as if the conductor didn't expect it.This happened in other places as well.All in all, a great Boheme all around.

    ghofer who?

    1. I think Fabiano is singing Rodolfo because that's the general rep for a lyric tenor. But I agree, the voice is definitely thicker, heavier, and more heroic than most Rodolfos and it has a lot of potential in Verdi. Could he be the Manrico everyone has been waiting for?

  3. Yeah, I kept thinking Radames and Calaf someday. I,also, saw the debut of Grigolo's Rodolfo a few yrs.back and though overdone and too cutsey in the "acting" dept.,had more of the beautiful lyric poetry in his voice for the part.. BTW, 2 of my favorite recent Mimis are Hei Kyung Hong and LiPing Zhang. Zhang also, sang the most devastatingly beautiful Butterfly I've ever heard. Went back 2 more times to hear her. Keep writing and I'll keep reading and thanks for your talent and your hard work.


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