Final Werther of the Season

I went to the final Werther of the season. I think I've already said enough about the singers, the production, the opera. Needless to say the team saved the best for last. It was just a beautiful performance and I'm so honored to have seen it. I just want to squee that I did the stage door thing today and got pictures with these awesome singers, and finally got to meet Alain Altinoglu in person!

The Albert, David Bizic, who, by the way, has a GORGEOUS wife!

The adorable Sophie, Lisette Oropesa!

The conductor, Alain Altinogru, who had to haul ass to Philly to make an 8:00 PM concert:

The regal Charlotte, Sophie Koch:

And finally, OH.MY.GOD. Let me repeat: OH.MY.GOD. What a cutie, and what a singer, and he was soooo gracious! I had always idolized his singing so much I was almost afraid to meet him because if he was mean, then I think I would have been heartbroken. But look at the picture and you'll see one happy ending!!!

And to top it off I got my Werther DVD booklet from Paris signed by both Koch and Kaufmann!!!


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